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IQOS — buy e-cigarette IQOS. Online shop in UAE: Dubai | ArabianVapers   IQOS – Advanced Technologies Bring a Totally New Vaping Experience Even though to some users the very term may seem a bit confusing, it is worth clarifying that the vape product under the name of iQOS electronic cigarette is just an innovatively designed vaping device that is not in any way related to combustible tobacco mechanisms. Some users have already tried it while others still doubt as for whether it is a good alternative to other appliances. Be that as it may, here is a guide to everything you need to know about this brand-new invention. Choosing IQOS Cigarette. If you wish to choose this type of vape device for your next vaping session, it is worth noting that you will get the following tools when purchasing this kit: A USB cable for easy charging; Adapter; Actual device; No e-juice cartridge. Some users might be surprised that there are no cartridges for e-liquid. However, this is associated with many benefits. In particular, you will not be forced to use the one that goes together with the kit, especially because not every user might like it. Instead, you may choose whatever flavor you like the most to make your vaping experience more pleasant and enjoyable. How to Use IQOS? It is very easy to use this device as it comes with everything you will need for top-notch vaping leisure time. iQOS is sold at a reasonable price, and the cartridges are oriented on 2 ml of e-juice. They are also available at fair value, while the quality you’ll get is superb. The battery is made from durable materials but it is still very lightweight and compact. The design is so simple that it makes the process of vaping easy and 100% convenient. Its size will also meet your preferences even though it is a bit different from other vape devices. Overall, the design is very user-friendly, especially because the battery is added with a flat surface right near the button, so that you may not be afraid of letting it roll on a flat side, which is extremely useful and handy. Characteristics of IQOS    This kind of device has excellent characteristics for a top-level vaping pastime. It has the following peculiarities: It has compact dimensions equal to 17 mm x 18.5 mm; Its battery’s capacity amounts to 900 mAh; It can be charged using a USB cable; The e-juice tank volume is 2 ml; The weight of the device is only around 60 g. All this makes this device number one choice for those users who want to keep up with the times and are always hunting for new inventions in the world of vaping. How to Maintain IQOS Apart from other excellent characteristics, it appears to be very easy to keep this device in order. iQOS does not require too much maintenance, which makes it a perfect option for those vapers who do not want to spend too much time on regular maintenance duties. Due to the perfect quality of the materials and ease of use, you will be satisfied with this appliance every time you use it, while such features as long-term battery life and temperature regulation make the iQOS smokeless device even more convenient than you can imagine. You can be sure that there will be no leaks either, so this is definitely a worthy vape device to try out. How to Get IQOS Online If you are ready to purchase this device online, we recommend that you do it at our website because we provide full-fledged assistance to our clients and are eager to consult you about any issues you need to clarify. You can be sure that IQOS cigarette you buy from us will be of perfect quality as we offer only authentic products from trusted manufacturers at a highly attractive price. We guarantee top-level customer assistance and quick reply whenever you have any questions. Place an order now and add a new touch to your vaping experience!  

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